QCGA Policies

QCGA policies are well thought out and implemented based upon nearly thirty years of operating experience. All policies are in place to ensure the highest quality of lessons that can be provided. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Safety and Class Continuity

QCGA holds safety as one of our highest priorities. With this in mind, we would like to remind you of the importance that all non-students should remain in the designated viewing or waiting areas. Please remember to remind your child that before and after class, they should refrain from playing on equipment or performing any gymnastic activities. Also, for the sake of class continuity, please refrain from interacting with students while they are participating in class unless a special need should occur (i.e. bathroom, illness, or injury).

All jewelry must be removed to participate in classes at QCGA. This includes all body piercings, with the exception of post-type earrings (no hoops, nothing dangling). We recommend that even the post-type earrings be removed, but we do not require it. This policy will help ensure the safety of both students and instructors.

Parents' Responsibilities

Parents are welcome to observe classes from the viewing balcony. However, parents are not required to be present during classes. For safety reasons, all students must wait inside the building before and after class. Due to liability concerns, please refrain from straying onto other parts of the property other than the gymnasium and parking lot. Food and beverages other than water are not allowed inside the QCGA building.

Our Food / Drink / No-Smoking Policy

In the spirit of our commitment to provide a safe, clean, healthy environment for our students, families, and staff, no food or drink will be allowed inside the QCGA gym building. No smoking will be allowed anywhere on QCGA property.

QCGA Parking Lot and Drive Safety

With such a large number of young children in and around the QCGA lot and drive, please use extra caution when entering or exiting the drive and parking. We must insist that a five mile-per-hour speed limit be maintained at all times. Please help us keep QCGA safe.

Parking is not allowed on the north side of QCGA building where the entrance is located. This area needs to be clear as an emergency vehicle lane and pedestrian walkway. Please refrain also from driving into this area to drop-off or pick-up students. Adherence to these policies will help ensure the safety of all.

Payment Policies and Procedures

The monthly rate scale is as follows:
  1. 1 Class/Week:     $64
  2. 2 Classes/Week: $120

Payment is due by the first lesson of each month. Payments can be made by cash or personal check. QCGA's accounting system automatically emails a payment reminder statement on the first of each month. A payment past due statement will also be emailed on the 15th of each month, which will automatically include a $5 late fee for payments not received by the 15th of each month. If you have yet to receive a payment reminder statement, we likely do not have a current registration form on file for your family. If we need to send a payment past due statement to you via regular mail, the late fee then is increased to $20 to cover costs. Make sure that you have a registration form on file, as this is our only means of making sure we have a correct email address for you. Registration forms are available in the office or here for you to download.

We now have an early bird discount for payments received on or before the 1st of each month (not the first lesson).
Early bird discount fees are $60 per month for one class and $112 for two classes.

Prorated fees are not allowed, except in cases of an extended illness, injury, or family emergency. Prorated fees are offered in cases of gym closure for holidays, bad weather, or other extenuating circumstances. Whenever practical, make-up class sessions will be scheduled. In such cases, prorated fees will not be applicable. You will always be informed of cases where prorated fees or make-up sessions will be applicable at the earliest opportunity via this website, Facebook page, Twitter, and email. When inclement weather threatens, please check the home page of this website under Latest News for class cancellations.

Individual make-up classes are not offered at QCGA. There are very specific reasons why we do not offer make-up lessons. Since our class enrollment is normally full, we would not be able to maintain our 6:1 student-teacher ratio if we allowed make-up lessons during other classes. We wish to protect the quality of the lessons at QCGA. If we did allow make-ups, there could potentially be twenty or thirty students showing up to a class, and that would seriously undermine the quality of that lesson for everyone. Since we have many students at QCGA, the logistics of scheduling make-ups for every student that wanted one would be impossible.

Please notify QCGA if you are going to be unable to miss more than one or two consecutive classes. If it becomes necessary for you to take an extended leave of absence from QCGA, your spot may be reserved by continued payment. If a prolonged absence (one month or more) is necessary, QCGA will guarantee a registered student's place in the class for one month without payment. Please notify QCGA if you choose to stop participating in our programs so that your spot may be filled as quickly as possible from the waiting list.

An annual registration fee of $50 per family is required for participation in all QCGA programs. Your yearly registration fee is due with your August tuition.