Competitive Team Membership
June is traditionally the time of year when we can accept new members into our competitive team program. Please note that membership in this program requires 12 hours per week of practice, and a serious commitment is required. Please let us know if you are interested in this program.

QCGA Grounds & Boundaries
QCGA is surrounded by private property on the west side and south side of the gravel parking lot, which borders the hayfields. This also includes the lake area and any other buildings within the vicinity of the gym building. Entering these areas is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parking is not allowed on the north side of QCGA building where the entrance is located.This area needs to be clear as an emergency vehicle lane and pedestrian walkway. Please refrain also from driving into this area to drop-off or pick-up students. Adherence to these policies will help ensure the safety of all.

Lost and Found
The time has come to take our winter lost and found to Goodwill. So, if you have any items lost, please pick them up a.s.a.p. They will go to Goodwill on May 15th. The lost and found is a laundry basket located in the gym entry room. We have some larger coats and jackets in the office, so please stop in the office if these might be yours.

Our Food/Drink/No-Smoking Policy
In the spirit of our commitment to provide a safe, clean, healthy environment for our students, families, and staff, no food or drink will be allowed inside the QCGA gym building; and no smoking will be allowed anywhere on QCGA property.

Great appreciation goes out to our members for observing our new food/drink/smoking policies. Your cooperation in this regard has contributed to a much cleaner, healthier environment at QCGA. Please remember that we have a container in the entry way for you to deposit your recyclable items!

Jewelry Policy
All jewelry must be removed to participate in classes at QCGA. This includes all body piercings, with the exception of post-type earrings (no hoops, nothing dangling). We recommend that even the post-type earrings be removed, but we do not require it. This policy will help ensure the safety of both students and instructors.

Please Note
We would like to remind you of the importance of making payments to QCGA during the first week of each month. In order for us to pay our bills on time, it is very important that payments to QCGA be made on time. If your student does not attend during that first week, please mail your payment. We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter! Thank You!